The Birth Story…(part 1)

The Birth Story…(part 1)

So, 4 weeks to the day of having our little girl, I’m finally getting round to writing down The Birth Story…

The week before I had our little girl, I went into antenatal with stomach pains and some other symptoms I wanted to get checked out. It turned out I had an infection but whilst I was there, they discovered my blood pressure was through the roof and I had protein in my urine.  While I was in as an outpatient, my blood pressure gradually returned to normal and they let me go home, to return in two days.

When I went back, my blood pressure was still high and I still had protein in my urine but I was told to return in four days, unless I had any worrying symptoms in the meantime – in which case I needed to immediately return to antenatal.

Anyhow, the following day I woke up with a banging and persistent headache and on checking my own blood pressure and finding it to be crazily high, I phoned up the hospital and they told me to come in immediately.  After a few hours of being monitored, a doctor came in and said I was at risk of preeclampsia and I was going to be induced.  I was like ‘when?’ they were like ‘now’! At this point I was 38 weeks and totally ready to meet our baby but this set me into a bit of a blind panic and I had a bit of a cry on the midwife.  Hormones have a lot to answer for sometimes!

So, to cut a long story short, they gave me a sweep there and then and discovered I was 1cm and able to have the pessary to induce labour.  Husband went and got mine and the baby’s bags and brought them to the hospital.  Operation ‘look after, feed and walk our dogs’ was set up amongst our nearest and dearest friends. Husband made an emergency trip to Tesco and appeared back with lots of yummy food and a teddy bear! ❤

Not a lot happened that night after the first pessary.  I had terrible prostin pains and didn’t sleep till 5am. In that time I was given paracetamol (did nothing), used the birthing ball, used my TENS machine (helped it some) and finally at about 4am, I asked for stronger drugs. They took away the pain and sent me to sleep for a couple of precious hours.

The next day, hubby turned up early and again, not a lot happened.  The pessary I’d had was a 24 hour one and I’d already been checked and it had done naff all – I was still 1cm dilated.  We spent the day crocheting and bouncing around on the ball (me) and watching stuff on the tablet (him). They decided they were going to give me a 6 hour pessary at teatime and then break my waters when I was dilated enough – if they didn’t break by itself.

Anyhow, the second pessary did the trick.  I started having contractions later on that night.  I won’t go into it all too much but they pretty much knacked.  I had a cry on a (different) midwife who gave me paracetamol (which again did naff all), whacked up the TENS machine, bounced around on the birthing ball and then finally begged for stronger drugs.  Two minutes after taking the stronger tablets, I stood up and vommed all over my hospital room, all over myself and all over the birthing ball (nice).  So the tablets were pretty much a waste of time…

The midwife said she’d get me some gas and air instead which was just amazing and I finally got a bit of sleep in between contractions – which by now were coming every 4-5 minutes.

At 7.30am on the Monday morning, my waters broke and my contractions slowed down to every 10 minutes.  Husband was back by now and not long after that they broke my other waters with the thing that looks like a knitting needle (only one set had gone – I forget which as it’s all very hazy, that Gas and Air is crazy stuff).  They took me down to the Labour Suite shortly after – taking my precious G & A off me for the journey down which was hellish.

The rest of the day is very hazy.  Hubby could probably tell the story way better than me.  I was reunited with the gas and air and also asked for a shot of diamorphine – which was AMAZING!  They put me on the drip to make my contractions come closer together too. I was watching the numbers go up and up and up on the contractions monitor and not feeling a thing during some of them!  Husband said I was sleeping inbetween contractions! However, when the diamorphine wore off, I was feeling those contractions again…!

A bit later, during one of the contractions, I felt an urge to push and upon being checked, they found I was 9cm dilated.  The pushing bit was hard.  The diamorphine had worn off and I couldn’t use the G & A and push too…so I was pretty much on my own. They also found that because I’d not been able to have a wee all day (I just had no urge to empty my bladder at all!) that my bladder was full and needed emptying as the baby’s head was struggling to get past my full bladder!  They had to do this twice before the baby was eventually born as I’d had loads of water and was also on a fluid drip. After a while of pushing, I was being a bit of a pain in the arse and shouting that I couldn’t do it and they had to help me  GET THIS BABY OUT!! Hubby told me to stop saying I couldn’t do it, because I was doing it!!

After a bit, a doctor popped in as my blood pressure was through the roof at this point and I’d had to take 4 beta blockers.  Anyhow she suggested something different – they got me into stirrups and had Husband pushing my chin to my chest.  One contraction later, Hubby could see the head and he shouted out ‘She’s got our hair colour!!!’ (We are both dark blonde) .  Another contraction later and the head was out – followed by the body and at 6.15pm, our little girl was placed on my chest.

We named her Felicity (which means Total Happiness) and she is seriously the bestest thing that has ever happened to us.

I didn’t have the birth I’d envisioned.  There was no water birth or moving around and using the birthing ball due to being induced. I was on a bed and hooked up to various monitors. The pain was hellish.  But I don’t care.  I’d do it all 16x over to have our wonderful daughter.

I wasn’t well immediately after the birth but I’ll save that story for another day.  For now, I’ll add some piccies of our precious bundle:




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