A little pre-Mother’s Day ramble

A little pre-Mother’s Day ramble


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the UK (just so you non-UK blogging readers know!). Last year on Mother’s Day, we were right in the middle of The Wait for IVF 1. Husband was away and it was obviously Sunday (with it being Mothering Sunday and all).  I stayed home from church as I have most years.  Nobody struggling with fertility wants to sit in a church service centred around ‘mothering’ – there’s just no point in putting oneself through that. Anyway, while I was home alone, the phone rang and it was the IVF clinic telling us our dates to start treatment. It kind of felt like a good sign that the phone call arrived on that day…

A few people said to me that day, “This time next year on Mother’s Day, it’ll all be so different.” And do you know what – it is.  I am a mum to a little angel baby – lovely, precious Ellie.  And to the gorgeous little wriggler inside me now.  But I still have no baby in my arms.  But it’s OK. I can wait.  Because it’s all going to be so worth it.

Mother’s Day (like Father’s Day) is such a sad day for some and it feels wrong to not acknowledge that.  I know that all the rubbish in the shops has made me think more of our little angel baby and how she ‘should’ be here making me little footprint cards (courtesy of Husband of course – I don’t think any 2 month old baby is innovative or clever enough to do that themselves).

So, tomorrow – my heart and thoughts are going out to my precious friends who are un-celebrating Mother’s Day – either because their own mum is sadly no longer with them or because of ongoing struggles with infertility and loss.

Love to all x x


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