16 weeks…

16 weeks…

I’ve toyed with the idea of hanging up my blogging hat over the last couple of weeks. Just for the time being, I like writing too much to stop completely. But when I started this blog, it was intended as a record of our infertility/IVF journey, not a pregnancy blog. I know these things are interlinked, and the ultimate goal of IVF is pregnancy – but although I want to document my pregnancy, for now I’m just pondering whether carrying on here is a good plan…

I’m doing my best right now to try and do ‘normal’ pregnant things. I joined an aqua-natal class last week. It was obviously full of ‘pregnant’ people. And what do pregnant people talk about? Pregnancy, of course, building nurseries and their babies that will be arriving in this month or that month etc. I had to partner up with another girl and she asked me the standard 4 questions 1. What is your due date? 2. Do you know what you’re having?/Are you going to find out? 3. How many weeks are you? 4. Is this your first?

I’ve also located a pregnancy yoga class and Pilates near(ish) me so hoping to start those in next couple of weeks too.

I’m becoming more comfortable with talking about my pregnancy with people who haven’t been following our journey. Sometimes the questions they ask feel a little personal to me. But I’m forcing myself out of my comfort zone.Towards the end of the first trimester and in the beginning of the second, I found it really tricky. But to start to talk to people who don’t know where we’ve come from – it’s a little more trickier. I bought some maternity clothes from Debenhams (I got a voucher from some lovely friends so treated myself to a gorgeous maternity dress and top – so far all my maternity clothes were from charity shops or off ebay – is amazing to have some stuff I’ve tried on and picked 😊). Anyhow, the lady on the cash desk asked me so many questions about the baby/my pregnancy (as well as the standard – is this your first? question…) I’m sure as bump becomes bigger, this will become the norm…

In other news, I’m sure I felt some fluttering this week that was baby related! It felt very strange and a sensation I’d not felt yet amongst all the stretching/pulling/wind related sensations I’ve had so far. Baby seems to be residing on the left (I know this as when I use my doppler, I always find baby low down and on the left.) And this is mostly where I’m feeling all the ‘goings ons’! I can’t wait to feel some kicks (although I’ll probably want baby to stop kicking me in the ribs once he/she starts – I hear that is painful…)

We’ve bought a few bits and bobs for the baby (no major purchases, just a pound or two here or there when we’re out shopping for other stuff). I had to get this little cutie from IKEA the other day:

There was no way I was leaving him in the shop! But the big stuff is still in the planning stage – and too early to buy/borrow/steal/put up in the house…

So, next stop is midwife next Wednesday and not long after that till 20 week scan.



3 thoughts on “16 weeks…

    1. Just going with the flow really. I’ve been struggling a bit with body image as I’ve been getting bigger and I didn’t feel right posting about it on my ‘infertility’ blog…but I’ve kind of got over myself a bit now so it felt ok to post (if that made sense). I’ll see how it all goes..you’re nearly there now – exciting stuff!!! x x

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  1. Wow, 16 weeks! In less than a month now you’ll be halfway there! I’m glad that you are feeling the first flutters– I think that it really helped my anxiety a lot when we got to that point. There’s also a lot of fun stuff right around the corner too– obviously feeling the kicks, but also watching your husband and family get to feel them, and then at your 20 week scan there is so much you can see of baby in detail. I love the little buddy you bought too, so cute! It’s fun to just buy those little things before you get to the overwhelming task of picking out what you’ll actually need. 🙂


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