The Blob

The Blob

Today we saw our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  This was the scan booked by the EPU in December just to check everything was progressing nicely.

We went into the scanning room and I was asked to empty my bladder – they must have questioned my husband while I was at the toilet because when I got back, the sonographer and trainee were laughing at the speed I got myself ready for a scan – saying “We *thought* it must have been IVF!” Meaning IVFers can get their pants off way quicker than ‘normal’ pregnant ladies!

The trainee did the scan.  When she first, erm,  entered, she was all ‘there’s the left ovary’, and I was thinking – ‘smeg the ovaries, get to the baby already!’ She got to the uterus anyway and checked a few things before showing me and Husband our precious little baby.  We saw his/her heart beating and then they turned the screen away again and did the measuring and stuff and checking the ovaries before giving us another look at The Blob. The Blob measures at 7 weeks and 3 days.

Afterwards I went back upstairs to the EPU and spoke to a nurse.  They were happy that everything is progressing nicely but said I could have a quick scan in a couple of weeks for reassurance.  Because we lost Ellie sometime between 7.5 weeks and 12.2 weeks, I think it’ll help to see our little one again inbetween those two scans.  And if it’s not good news, and history repeats itself, I guess at least we won’t wait weeks to find that out…

So, here is the blob.  There’s really not too much to see, but seeing the little flickery heartbeat was pretty special :

the blob



6 thoughts on “The Blob

  1. I never get tired of seeing that flickering heartbeat. Yay! Love your blob. It looks so cute. And love that they are letting you back for another scan. It really does help to have that. Xx


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