HCG levels

HCG levels

This week has been a little stressful.  After a nurse put THE FEAR in me after the spotting/small bleed incident, she said that if she was me, she’d go to EPU and get everything checked out to be on safe side.

After burying my head in the sand for 24 hours, off I trotted to EPU on Wednesday morning.  Later that day my HCG levels came back at 353.

I obviously googled what was normal for being 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant…then wished I hadn’t.  But took it as a pinch of salt – plus the first number is just a starting point as far as I can see.

This morning I went back to see if they had doubled like they were supposed to in 48 hours.  They rang this dinnertime with the results. 1,020.  Which is more like a tripling…Happy to see such a rise and I cried with relief of getting over what feels like yet another hurdle.

Back on Sunday for another blood test and then will see where we’re at.  The spotting has more or less settled down (although I don’t like saying that out loud, because everytime I do, it starts back up again…)

One day at a time…


Man jumping over the hurdle


5 thoughts on “HCG levels

  1. Spotting seems so common with IVF transfers. And I was going to say that 353 seems a pretty good starting hcg so yay I was right and you got a good rise. These early weeks are freaking awful and stressful. Do what you need to do to get through X


    1. Aren’t they so – if only we could fast forward to a ‘safe’ (although I have no idea when ‘safe’ is…) point and not have to live through the scary part!!! x x


  2. Hang in there. I remember how awful and stressful those first few weeks are when you are spotting. I assume you are on progesterone? I wasn’t but got put on it. Just really take it easy to rest as much as you can, I am still on pelvic rest at nearly 13 weeks xxx

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    1. Yeah, I’m on Progesterone (2x per day) until 13-14 weeks. Trying to rest as much as I can and keep my feet elevated when possible. Sorry to hear you’ve had the same stress x x x

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