Two pink lines…

Two pink lines…


I just want to say thank you to my lovely blogging friends for being so lovely and reassuring me whilst I was having a bit of a blind panic. You are all fabulous and I am so grateful to have you bloggers in my life ❤

So, the nurses advised me at the weekend to just rest, drink lots of water and retest this morning.

Well, could I pee this morning – could I heck.  So, I went and had a cup of tea (this was at half 5 as I had a counselling appointment at 7am…) in the hope I could produce *something* for the stick. I managed a tiny amount at the bottom of a cup and had to hold it at an angle so the stick absorbed it.  The stick quickly showed this:

So we’re hoping because my HCG has risen so nicely since the weekend that all is going OK in there…

Next step is the nurse is due to ring this morning with a slot for the viability scan in three weeks. It’s fallen quite nicely as we have all the busyness of Christmas and New Year to distract us from the anxiety that surrounds waiting for viability.

And still I am continuing with the living this pregnancy one day at a time and just being happy and thankful for each day I get to carry them. Hoping and praying so hard that this is our little rainbow baby.



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