Bit scared…

Bit scared…

(Sorry for TMI in this blog…)

So, after a few days of being a bit, “yay, it worked”, yet cautiously optimistic,  yesterday afternoon I started spotting the teeniest amount of brown (old) blood.  It was tiny and I tried not to worry as old blood is apparently normal and not a lot to worry about.  However at the same time, I was feeling a little like I do when AF is on her way – a bit crampy etc.

I woke up at 2am this morning convinced I was having AF pains and everything was going to be all over.  I didn’t get back to sleep, Husband is away this weekend and I just had a snoring dog in the room for company…I tried the sleep app on my phone but there was no getting me back to sleep really as I was really worried and scared I was coming on.

7am I went to the toilet and there was BRIGHT RED blood on the loo paper. After that though and until now, there’s just been brown each time when I go to the loo and even that is now becoming less and less. Phew, for now.  It could start back up again still.

I phoned the clinic this morning – they said because I’d tested a few days early, to just hang on in there till Tuesday, drink plenty of water, rest and to do another HPT on Tuesday to check it’s still positive but ring them back if I get any pains.

I don’t feel too AFish right now and there’s not much brown really on the loo paper (sorry…) and I’ve spent the day with one of the dogs resting his head on my stomach and watching NetFlix.  I’ve barely moved in fear of starting it all up again and I think I’ll order Takeaway tonight – which is naughty but I really don’t feel like I have the energy to cook after being awake all night.

Fingers crossed for safe baby(ies) but at same time also preparing myself for the worst…


14 thoughts on “Bit scared…

  1. Aw what a nerve wracking time, but it sounds very much like it could just be implantation bleed, especially as it was mostly brown. Sounds like you are doing the right thing just to rest up though. I was so happy to read your last post, and remain cautiously optimistic that things are going to be fine. Just hang in there until Tuesday.. Which I guess isn’t the easiest especially if you are home alone!

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  2. First of all, I am just now catching up on your news (*quietly jumping up & down with happiness*!!!!) Secondly, I will be praying so hard for you & the little one(s) that everything is okay. As it is late Monday night here and early Tuesday morning for you, I know you are much closer now to getting some answers and I will be thinking of you. Sending lots of love & strength to you my friend!!! ❤

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