Today I’m thankful…

Today I’m thankful…

for a lot of things.  But mostly today for this:


It’s not the biggest, boldest line ever. But a line is a line, so they say.  I took this yesterday at 8dp5dt – so earlier than I was supposed to (naughty, naughty).  But I’ve been that convinced that I was pregnant that I was literally going out of my tiny mind…

I’ve literally been sick as a dog (nausea, not actually been sick) since Tuesday, waking up at 5am every morning feeling bleurgh!!! I’m really struggling with breakfast, which is usually my favourite meal of the day – especially since I’ve been Paleo – and my favourite breakfasts of porridge or some sort of eggs (omelette, scrambled, banana pancakes) have been totally off the menu.  I’ve managed some fruit the last couple of mornings so that’s something.  But I’ve told these embryos to make me as sick as they like, as long as they stay put!!

I’ve printed out loads of positive affirmations and stuck them all over the place e.g.:

baby 2


baby 4

just to remind myself that this is a new baby and a completely different pregnancy – which doesn’t have to have the same end as the last one.

Last time I was pregnant, I kept it hidden even from my blog as I was terrified about putting it out there and then losing the pregnancy. I was also stressed out about meeting that important 12 week point. Which I did and then didn’t….  This time, I want to share with my blogging friends, and be able to write about stuff without feeling like I need to hide it.  All I ask, is if I know you IRL (in real life) if you could just keep it under your hat, we’d appreciate it – as we’re obviously aren’t shouting this from the rooftops – as we’re not even at official test date and I’m only today 4 weeks pregnant… 😉

So, today I’m thankful for this little life growing inside of me.  I intend to value every minute and not hide it like a dirty secret. However long I get the privilege of carrying him/her/them, I will love them everyday of their life.


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