Oh Progesterone – how I missed you..

Oh Progesterone – how I missed you..

Actually, I didn’t – Progesterone sucks and it’s my least favourite of the cocktail of hormones IVF entails (not that I have an actual favourite…). I started the Progesterone on Day 2 after Egg Collection and will continue this until either a negative result or Week 13/14 of Pregnancy.

So, we’re  four days into the 2ww. 4dp5dt.


I’m trying to be calmer this time.  I’m not sure it’s working. I am (obviously) symptom spotting like crazy – then telling myself that it’s just the progesterone/ovaries twanging back into shape/in my head/something I ate.  I’m trying not to google (but I am – but maybe less than last time as I do actually know that Google does not know if I’m pregnant or not).

This time last cycle, I took my first pregnancy test tomorrow (if that makes sense) at 5dp5dt.  I’m going to see if I can hold out a bit longer this time.  I want to make sure the HCG trigger shot that I took last Wednesday night is definitely out of my system before I start messing with HPTs. Plus if it’s negative, it spoils the PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise) bubble a bit. If it’s going to be a negative cycle, I might as well enjoy carrying these embryos and being their Mummy a bit longer, blissfully unaware…

I’ll be honest, I haven’t high hopes.  Everything just went too well.  I had minimal side effects from the injections, the egg collection went well.  All six of our mature eggs fertilised and made it to Day 5.  They described the embryos they transferred as ‘really good embryos’ and we even managed to get one for the freezer.  So, for it to work too – I guess I think I’m REALLY pushing our luck.  Saying that, I still have hope and am talking to these little babies everyday, telling them I want to be their Mum and meet them in 8 months and how much I love them already. I just really, really hope they are listening and decide to stick with us!

Things this 2ww (whether it be progesterone/ovaries twanging back into shape/a possible pregnancy/something I ate) seems to be doing to me physically:

  • I noticed cramping the evening of transfer and also the first couple of days after.  Also some strange twanging and tight feelings where I estimate the uterus to be…This is on and off and not anything major.  Haven’t felt anything like this for about 24 hours now. I’ve also felt a bit ‘periody’ a few times in the last few days but AF has not reared her unwanted head (the progesterone should hold her off anyway if she’s on her way..)
  • My sleep patterns have been a bit sporadic – A couple of nights I have woken up in the middle of the night and BOING, not been able to get back to sleep.  Also felt a bit sleepy during the day – however, I could just still be knackered from EC/ET…
  • Me and the Husband went to the Christmas Markets on Friday.  Whereas he didn’t stop eating the entire day, I was feeling a bit pernickity about food.  Firstly, all the smells were driving me nutty and a bit bleurgh.  I nearly puked when I saw the salami/cold meats stand. And I couldn’t really decide what or if I wanted stuff. I had a sausage bun and a waffle thingy over the course of the day. Husband had a sausage bun,  a MASSIVE double burger and some of my waffle thingy.
  • Things I have cried at (The Crying started yesterday…) TV adverts, Christmas songs, Car SOS? and also –  absolutely nothing whilst alone driving in the car.  Husband thinks I am moody.  Looking at it objectively, he could be correct but it’s the PMT type RARRRRR that you can’t control…I am trying to be nice…honest.
  • Nausea.  It’s particularly bad this morning – I don’t even fancy my morning decaff coffee.  More hungry than normal.  Yesterday I had a MASSIVE bowl of beef stew and some cauliflower mash and then felt hungry again about an hour after.  I ignored it and drank water instead.  I gave into the progesterone hunger last time and then had rather a lot of weight to get rid of after I stopped taking it…
  • Massive headache on day of transfer and the day after
  • My weight is being a bit weird.  In that I weighed myself during the stabbing myself phase, and mostly stayed the same, give or take 1lb. The day after egg collection,  I was up 3lbs (water).  The day after, this had gone. Then the day after that, I lost another 4lbs.  3lbs of this has stayed off.  This is very strange as I haven’t exercised (other than walking) since 3 days before Egg Collection. And although I’ve *mostly*  been eating Paleo, the weekend of EC, we had a few takeaways and whatever Husband was feeding me (as I didn’t feel like cooking/wasn’t organised enough to cook in advance and freeze it/it was our First Wedding Anniversary Weekend so we thought ‘Smeg It’ and treated ourselves a bit).  Plus we had a Chinese Takeaway the night of Embryo Transfer.  I’ll probably get a nasty shock this time next week when it all goes back on!!!

And none of this really means anything.  I know this.  Because of the STUPID PROGESTERONE!!!!!!

It’s so easy to sit here and say ‘I feel like I did when I was pregnant last time’.  But last time, I could have felt like that because I was taking sodding progesterone and not because I was in fact pregnant.

So, all in all, I’m just trying to keep busy.  I’m only really thinking about things when I have a spare moment (which I’m trying not to have). It’s easy to be really busy and keep busy at this time of year. So am making sure I am REALLY busy and there’s not too much Thinking Time.

I did joke before this IVF that I wouldn’t bother taking an actual pregnancy test and would just monitor the fur babies’ behaviour around me. Last time, when I was pregnant, all four were stuck to me permanently, like glue.  Anyone who knows me, knows I normally have some sort of  a dog/cat combination sat on me during sofa times anyway – but they were extra fussy and attentive when Ellie was nesting within me. Now, they have been cuddly – but no more than normal – so when the time comes, I may have to rely on an actual POAS type Pregnancy Test, rather than the Fur Baby test!!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  We might try and get our Christmas Tree up today at some point! x


2 thoughts on “Oh Progesterone – how I missed you..

  1. Good luck! Yeah, it’s so hard to judge symptoms since it could also just be the progesterone. The only thing I noticed was sore boobs and feeling a little hungrier and sleepier than usual.


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