Two embryos on board! Welcome Holly and Frosty

Two embryos on board! Welcome Holly and Frosty


Today was embryo transfer day.  It was slightly less traumatic than last time but still uncomfortable.

We got there about half 12 for a 1.15pm transfer – but this ended up being more like a 2.30pm transfer – which isn’t that good when you need a wee (the process is carried out with a full bladder). .

But all that matters is that they’re in, where they belong.  I cried like a small child when they were passed down the catheter into my endometrium.  The embryologists et al probably thought I’d lost the plot. They printed us out a little picture too of the embryos in situ!

Now comes the hard bit – we wait!!! Trying to find some stuff to distract from the waiting.  I’ll probably test early again – but no harm in that…It’s just too tempting! In the meantime, we just take progesterone twice a day until we get the result of the cycle.   If we get pregnant, we take that till week 13/14 of the pregnancy.  If we don’t get pregnant, well, we don’t!

On a slightly more depressive note, last time they checked, the other 4 embryos didn’t look freezable.  I think if this fresh transfer doesn’t work, it would be more bearable if we have some in the freezer…However, this could change overnight – as they are lagging behind a bit where they should be at this point – but they’ll let us know for sure tomorrow afternoon.

Stay with us Holly and Frosty.  We love you so much already !!


8 thoughts on “Two embryos on board! Welcome Holly and Frosty

  1. Fingers crossed for Holly & Frosty and for some wonderful news to celebrate this Christmas!! I am also thinking of the others and hoping that they catch up so that they can make it to the freezer. Come on, embabies!!


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