Egg collection – IVF#2

Egg collection – IVF#2


So today we went to Egg Collection.  It was all pretty straightforward – I went into Theatre at around 10.30 and they gave me a General Anaesthetic and I woke up at about 11.30ish.  The first thing I asked upon waking (once they’d removed the thingy from my throat) was, “How many eggs?!” to which I was told 8! Very happy with that – and exactly the same number as Cycle 1!! Just praying and keeping fingers crossed now for mature eggs and that fertilisation goes OK – which we’ll find out about in the morning!

Once the nurses were happy that I’d had a wee, eaten some toast, drank some tea and had some custard creams, taken some codeine etc., they let us go.  So have been curled up on sofa with a hot water bottle, doggies and duvet this afternoon watching Rom Coms and Jeremy Kyle reruns!

Will update when we hear from the embryologists in the morning!!


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