Time to pull the trigger – IVF#2

Time to pull the trigger – IVF#2


The time has come, tonight is the night I trigger.  For ‘non-IVFers’, this means I get to take an extra injection at midnight tonight. This is a huge injection of the HCG hormone which gets all those little eggies to ripen nicely, ready for collection. Because so many of my eggs were immature last time, we have double the amount of Pregnyl this time to inject (so 10,000 rather than 5,000 – and actually 2 injections rather than 1) in the aim of making sure all the eggies are mature (we’re thinking there’s 6 ready  – the left side has now FINALLY started growing a couple, but they probably won’t be ready by Friday).

Then egg collection happens Friday – I go in at 7.30am – (having been Nil By Mouth since midnight the night before..). and hopefully I’ll be one of the first to go in, with having a significantly earlier Pregnyl injection time than last time – I think last time I triggered around 1.30/2am.

I’m not freaked by egg collection like I was last time.  Yes, it hurts and is painful and uncomfortable for a day or so after. Nothing that can’t be cured with some codeine, a hot water bottle and some rom coms under the sofa duvet.  I’m freaked a bit about what comes after.  The fertilisation, the phone calls to find out how those precious embryos are doing, the transfer, the 2ww, the result…But for now, I’m not thinking about those things.

So, tonight I trigger.  Tomorrow I make sure my dressing gown is all washed and dried and my bag packed with things to entertain myself with while I wait to go down to theatre.  Then Friday is the day – woo hoo!!


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