Scan 3 IVF#2

Scan 3 IVF#2


Thank you loads to the people who commented on my blog over the weekend while I was having a bit of a wobble over my lazy ovaries. My wobble didn’t last too long and I consoled myself with the fact it took 4 scans last time before we were ready and my ovaries would just get on and do their stuff in their own time…

Today’s scan was better:

  Scan #1 Scan #2 Scan #3
Under 10mm Right – 4

Left – 3

Right  – 2

Left – 3

Right – 1

Left – 3

10-12mm Right – 1 Right – 1
13-14mm Right – 1 Right – 2 Right – 2
15mm Right – 1 Right – 2
16mm Right – 1
17mm Right – 1

There is growth! We are getting there and the nurse seemed optimistic that I may be ready to trigger Wednesday (but if it takes a bit longer – everything is moving nicely in the right direction anyway!)

My left ovary and its laziness is a little puzzling, but we’ll not dwell on that.

So, the plan is – 2 more shots of the Menopur, plenty of hot water bottles, water and protein (my diet has been a bit ‘relaxed’ over the weekend with a couple of meals out and some puddings – oops). Then we shall see what happens at Wednesday’s scan!!

Have a lovely day x x


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