Scan 2 IVF#2

Scan 2 IVF#2

I’ve just returned home from the second scan of the cycle.  I’ll be honest – I’m not over the moon with it and singing and dancing with joy.  The numbers aren’t great and I’ve made the daft mistake of comparing where we’re at now, with where we were this time last cycle:

scan 2

This is what I wrote after the second scan of IVF #1.  However, this is where we’re at now:

Left ovary – very poor visibility but once they eventually found it, they can see 3 follicles which are still less than 10mm

Right ovary:

2 –  less than 10mm

1 – 10-12mm

2 – 13-14mm

1 – 15mm

I just expected a bit more – with being on the maximum dose of Menopur this time – at this given point of time.  I’m trying not to fret as last time it took 4 scans for me to be ready but I just feel a bit bleurgh about it.  I think because there’s nowhere else they can go with it – they can’t increase the dose of Menopur…

I’m back on Monday for Scan 3 and I’m sure there will have been some ovary growth action.  I’m just having a small crisis of confidence in my ovaries and I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

Have a nice weekend folks x






14 thoughts on “Scan 2 IVF#2

  1. I hate when things don’t quite go the way you want. Try to focus on hoping for good quality rather than quantity as it is good quality eggs that make good embryos. So hard though. I know. They can boost you with a dose of something else if they need to. My protocol this time was going to be menopur with a boost of some other stuff for a couple of days so I the bag of tricks isn’t necessarily empty. You could ask? Thinking of you. Grow follies, grow!

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    1. I did have a massive growth spurt last time, between scan 3 and 4 so I’m trying to stay calm! Good to know they may be able to give me a boost if need be!! I was just a bit disappointed earlier I think when I wrote this blog. It’ll all be OK x x

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  2. Every cycle is different, so try not to compare too much. Make sure you are eating LOTS of protein and keeping your belly warm with warm hot water bottles on it. You will get there! I had fewer follicles this last cycle to my first one, but they were definately better quality as I had a better fertilisation rate (and DP’s sperm was from the same time for each one as he had to have surgical sperm removal which we froze and then used straws from each time), and this was my time, so everything crossed you will find the same is true for you.

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  3. You’ll be sick of hearing it but it’s true you just need one good one! I hope you feel more positive after your next scan, try and relax and enjoy the weekend 🙂 You’re still in our thoughts and prayers x

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  4. It took me a while to get going too, even with the massive amounts of menopur. My nurse said she felt like that was just the way my body responded, and it did eventually get more serious about its job. By the end I had 27 eggs, but only 2 blasts. Even though it’s hard not to see the high numbers, I would have preferred half the number of eggs if they were better quality than the first batch. You’re also probably looking for reassurance and comfort at this point, so even though it is unreliable, comparisons between cycles is all the info you have to go on. This part is tough, but you’re getting through it and I hope your follicles/eggs are well worth it in the end!!!

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