Scan 1 IVF#2

Scan 1 IVF#2


I went into the clinic today with no expectations, so I’m totally fine with the outcome. I had no preconceptions about numbers/sizes and anything above ‘no eggs are growing’ was going to be good news to me.

Firstly though, my blood took 3 attempts to come out this morning. Apparently my vein kept disappearing. It was literally third time lucky. This hurt.

After that trauma, me and Husband went for a coffee together (decaf!) and then we went back to the clinic for the scan.

My right ovary was very well behaved. I wish I could say the same for the left one. She hides behind my womb – and finding her is always a little uncomfortable! So I have no concrete measurements from the left as the sonographer just gave up, I think. He said that it’ll be easier to find my ovary as the eggs grow later in stimming – and this was the case last time too.

So all in all, on the right there is one follicle between 10-12mm and one between 13-14mm. There are also 3 others under 10mm at present.

On the left, there are four follicles that are either too small to measure or I’m not sure if he just couldn’t measure accurately because of my stubborn ovary.

So, all in all – 9.

After the damn uncomfortable scan, and the quite frankly painful bloods, I went and got my new Menopur boxes and then sat in a lovely little cafe near the hospital for a while as I had counselling this afternoon, and there was very little point in going home to come back. I did a bit of work whilst drinking coffee (more decaf) and eating a not very Paleo bagel with peanut butter.

Counselling was great. We talked a little bit about how the cycle was going and drank some minging herbal tea that somebody had given her for a present. We also talked a bit about Ellie and the grieving process and things we have done to help with that. We got onto that because I was saying that I felt the need to gather all the bits (baby clothes, pregnancy tests, notes from the pregnancy, baby catalogues and leaflets and the like) from their various locations in the house and put them somewhere safe (not get rid of them) and together before our next 2ww. This makes sense to me and it seemed to make sense to her too. When I went to make my next appointment, she’d got all booked up and the earliest we could fit in was 9th December. At first, I was all ‘Yikes’. I’ve seen her weekly since the miscarriage and our weekly chats have really helped me. Then I thought, no, I’m ok. I’ll cope without counselling for 3 weeks just fine. And by then, I’ll be in the 2ww and probably really be needing it!!!

So, the next step is another scan on Saturday.  Last time, it took 4 scans before I was ready to trigger, and I’m quite prepared for that to happen again.  Will update on numbers/sizes on Saturday 🙂


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