Day 3 -7 of Stims #IVF2

Day 3 -7 of Stims #IVF2


Yesterday was blood test day.  I have no idea what is going on right now inside my ovaries, and I guess I won’t until my first scan tomorrow.  I know that something is happening as my general ovary area feels ‘stretched’ like it did last time and I am addicted to my hot water bottle again.  I don’t feel quite as sore as this time last cycle but I’m not reading anything into it.  Last time, I felt positive there were many, many eggs dancing and clambouring for space and then was disappointed at my first scan when there was just 3 – and not massive ones at that.

So tomorrow when we go for the scan, I have decided – no expectations…

Again, the time is just going by quite nicely.  I’m keeping nice and busy with work/friends/husband/dogs/housework/cooking and just not really thinking about things really.  I’m hoping this attitude will stay with me during the 2ww but I’m not holding my breath on that one.  I’ll probably be climbing the walls again… But again, that’s something to think about when it arrives.  Trying very hard to stay in the present moment.

Although I’ve kept up with the gym etc., I’ve got just one more session with my trainer until egg collection, then we’re taking a break.  Then, depending on the pregnancy test result, we’ll decide what to do.  In the meantime, I’m concentrating on the food aspect of things and making sure I keep moving (and these dogs of ours certainly make sure of that too!) with plenty of walking.

I had my photo results back from my trainer on Friday.  The red t-shirt ones were taken on Friday and the blue T-shirt ones were taken a month ago:


I’m pretty pleased with how much difference just a month has made. Overall I’ve lost over 6 inches from various places in the month.  I do wish I’d taken some photos and my measurements right at the start back in August/ September so I could see ALL the progress I’ve made but it doesn’t really matter – I can tell the difference in my clothes (it’s like having a brand new wardrobe!!!)

But hopefully in a few months, it’ll be maternity clothes I’ll be needing!!!

Will update tomorrow when those little ovaries have revealed how many eggs they are growing at the moment!



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