Day 1 – 2 of Stims – IVF#2

Day 1 – 2 of Stims – IVF#2

Yesterday was blood test day to check down regulation had worked .  I woke up bright and early (5am) and got the train to Big Town.  I got there and then went to The Waiting Room. The waiting room is a funny place to be sometimes, I feel.  Other patients don’t really make eye contact with each other or try to strike up conversations, yet there we all are, in the same place, in exactly the same boat, for the same reason – and with the same goal.

My blood test was only semi-traumatic.  Firstly they couldn’t find my notes, but then it transpired that was because I had an appointment with the Fertility Counsellor and she had nabbed them from the nurse’s office first thing.  Then my veins were being a bit stubborn.  But after that, it was all fine. Then I saw the nurse who chatted to me about the next steps and she asked me how I was feeling and stuff (it’s always really nice to be asked – and makes me feel less like a statistic – and this nurse inparticular knows my back-story).  Then I saw my counsellor for an hour.

Yesterday’s session felt really productive actually.  We talked a lot about taking things one step at a time and crossing each hurdle as it comes – trying to live in the ‘Now’. I also chatted about how I felt about other people’s babies/pregnancies and how I’d managed to go into the baby clothes department in our local supermarket to look at little girl baby clothes for a new baby that has been born this week (I didn’t buy anything – that’s the next step). I came out feeling like I’d got a lot off my chest (which is why I go to her, I guess!).

Then I wandered back into Big Town.  Because I’d made it through the Down Regulation phase and had survived my blood test (!), I decided to treat myself to this:

caffe nero

Decaff of course.  But the carrot and raisin cake (especially the frosting) was divine. I enjoyed every last crumb of it.

And at the end of the day, I checked my FitBit app, and decided the treat was quite justified:


I think that was the first time I’d realised how much walking is involved if I don’t drive to the hospital.  I walked to the train station, then from the train station in Big Town to the hospital on the outskirts. And then obviously vice versa. Wow.

I made a Paleo lasagne when I got in.  The meat and veg bit was chicken, spinach, leek and mushrooms.  Then the ‘lasagne’ bit was strips of courgette that I made with a potato peeler.  The cheese sauce I made with cheese, almond milk and almond flour.  The sauce tasted a bit rank in the pan but once it was all cooked it was actually quite nice.  I had mine with masses of crispy Kale, which I’m totally addicted to (but there are worse things I could be addicted to…). Hubby had his with mushy peas and my leftover cauliflower and garlic mash from the night before.

It doesn’t look very ‘lasagne like’.  But it did taste it – honest!


Today I have a session with my trainer and then some acupuncture.  And work obviously.  Keeping nice and busy which also doesn’t give me chance to think or ponder!!

The nurse rang me back anyway yesterday and said the Menopur was a go-er. The first shot of Menopur went OK really – the mixing in the end was fairly straightforward and although 450 of Menopur seemed to take forever to inject, it was all just fine.  Grow little eggies, grow!!

I’ve been thinking a little about how different these two cycles have been so far – hence the below. I’m definitely feeling more relaxed and less uptight than last time! However, I really don’t think anything I do right now is going to make a huge amount of difference (although I have no immediate plans to go out on any benders). I kind of think, “What will be, will be.” But I thought I’d write it down anyway while it was on my mind.

Round 1 Round 2
Age 37 (and 2 months!) 37 (and 8 months!)
Husband’s age 38 (and 10 months!) 39 (and 4 months!)
Exercise Running once or twice (maximum) a week for 2 months coming up to start of cycle) Think I also went to Spinning a couple of times. Stopped running and other exercise 3 days before starting Buserelin.

Daily dog walks during cycle (until ovaries got too uncomfortable for being ragged around by two dogs).

Walking during 2ww.

Started exercising 3 months before start of cycle.

Trained for and ran 10k race.

Training in gym once or twice a week for 2 months before cycle started.

Once cycle started, increased amount of walking and decreased gym training to one half hour session, 1 x per week.

Dog walks everyday.  Trying to make these a bit longer than normal.

Diet Fairly healthy in run up to cycle.  Less takeaways, less cake. I wasn’t following a specific plan – was just trying to be ‘good’.

As soon as cycle started – pretty much a free for all for whatever I could stuff in my mouth.

Did 7 day juice diet and then cut out all carbs and all sugar and processed foods around 2 months before cycle started.

Did 14 day cleanse (cutting out dairy, carbs, fruit, sugar, caffeine etc.) with detox supplements a month before cycle started.  Gradually reintroduced some carbs (good ones), fruit and dairy. Didn’t bother reintroducing the wheat/gluten (except the odd treat of cake obviously has it in).

Eating well during cycle (Paleo diet) with weekly treats. Lots of baking and cooking going on of healthy comfort food e.g. fish pie, Paleo lasagne, roast dinners.

Supplements Pregnacare Pregnacare

600mg of Co-Enzyme Q10 started 3 months before cycle.  Stopped taking these when the bottle ran out 3 days before stims started.

Caffeine Not one drop! From 2 months before cycle started and during cycle.

Had one cup of caffeinated tea after egg collection with my toast and custard creams…

Had a few normal teas in the months running up to treatment starting e.g. if at someone’s house and they offered me a cuppa.

Otherwise none.

Chocolate Minimal… except in the form of cake… Two squares of dark chocolate every day (yes I know it has caffeine in it) in run up to cycle and during Down Regulation. May cut this back during Stims.
Protocol Long Long
Injection ritual 7.30pm on the dot the world stops.  I cancelled/rearranged work/social outings so I could be home to do this (although I got more relaxed about the location (not the time) as the cycle went on) Around 7pm depending on work/social commitments.

Sometimes 6.40 and sometimes 7.30 though.  Not sure how much half an hour each way makes a difference but really not wanting to disrupt work too much this time round or get mega stressed if not home and injecting on the dot of 7.30 everyday.

Acupuncture Fortnightly in run up to IVF (started around 6 weeks before)

Weekly during Down regulation and Stimming/ lead up to egg collection.  Acupuncturist away during Embryo Transfer.  None after this.

Fortnightly since miscarriage.

Weekly sessions booked for during cycle.

Medication 0.25 Buserelin

300 Gonal F (increased to 375 after Day 8)

1 vial of Pregnyl trigger shot

Progesterone Pessaries – tapering off at week 10 of Pregnancy and stopping on Week 12

0.25 Buserelin

450 Menopur

2 vials of Pregnyl trigger shot

Progesterone Pessaries (to taper off at week 13/14 of pregnancy if pregnancy occurs)

Number of days stimming 14 Unknown
Eggs collected 8 Unknown
Mature eggs 3 Unknown
Fertilised? 3 (all 3 made it to day 5 Blastocysts) Unknown
Number transferred 2 Unknown
2ww Hellish.  Managed 6 days before losing the plot and taking a pregnancy test. May try to be calmer
Result Angel Ellie who left us at 12 weeks and 2 days. Unknown

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