Day 13 IVF#2

Day 13 IVF#2

Well, AF arrived (and don’t I know it – sat here with hot water bottle on me) so looks like stims isn’t too far away!!

Girl-flu is easing off a bit, although the man of the house seems to be coming down with it too so we could do with painting a big red cross on our door. I’m glad I don’t feel as terrible anymore as Sunday and Monday.  Am just annoying myself now with the snotting/sneezing/irritated throat.

I managed to wrap up warm and get out for a bit of a powerwalk with the furbabies at lunchtime which helped clear out the cobwebs a bit.

I really can’t believe how fast things are going this time round.  I remember last time, it seemed to take forever to get to stims – yet I am (hopefully) now only two days away!!

I’m a bit nervous about the Menopur a) the mixing etc. b) how my body might respond/react to it – it’s a much bigger dose than the 300/375 of Gonal F I was on last time (I’m starting off on 450 Menopur straight away)

Just taking things one day at a time…what will be, will be.


7 thoughts on “Day 13 IVF#2

  1. You can do this! Just take your time with the Menopur. It feels like a lot of steps, but you can take as long as you need. There is no rush at all. I also found that if I injected it verrry slowly, it didn’t sting/burn. I actually made a video of myself mixing my meds during our stim cycle (so our family could see what it was all like), so you can see me mix the menopur if you think that would help! I was also sick during my cycle too– I got the flu right at the start of it, and you can kind of hear that on the video. Here’s the link:

    I hope you are feeling better each day and that your husband doesn’t get sick too. Good luck!! xx

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    1. Aw I really loved watching your video – thanks for that. I managed the Menopur just fine in the end – I think sometimes the thought of these things is worse than the actual ‘doing’. I just took my time and it was fine. I’m feeling loads better now, thanks. Just a bit bunged up still in the nostril department! Hubby is starting with it, but I’m sure he’ll be fine as mine didn’t last too long! x x x


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