Day 12 IVF#2

Day 12 IVF#2


Day 12 and I’m absolutely chocker with cold.  The sore throat I woke up with yesterday morning was no freakish side effect of the Buserelin – it was THIS.  I spent all day yesterday feeling very sorry for myself.

This was not in ‘The Plan’.  My body was supposed to be concentrating on making little eggies, not fighting the snot monster. Boooo.

And still no Aunt Flo…


7 thoughts on “Day 12 IVF#2

    1. Thankfully (!) I just have the dentist this morning then I can rest until work tonight 🙂 Hopefully it’ll bog off as quickly as it came on yesterday! x


      1. Oh but boo you have to lug yourself off to work in the evening. Last thing you probably feel like doing! At least you have a restful day. Hope the dentist isn’t too traumatising for you! x


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