Day 5-6 IVF2

Day 5-6 IVF2

The time is going by fairly quickly, more so than last cycle, when the down regulation part seemed to drag. Tonight is injection 6, and only 7 more until I go into hospital for bloods to check I’ve down regulated properly.

The nausea has now died down completely – I’ve still not had a ‘Buserelin headache’, not that I want one, and I mostly feel fine. I’ve been chugging the 3 litres of water daily, which is fine apart from needing to make sure I’m never too far from a toilet. It’s astounding how dehydrated I’ve been feeling in a morning when I wake, considering all this water intake. I’ve been waking up as thirsty as a banshee and with a dull headache that all goes away just as soon as I get that first litre of water into me first thing.

Husband thinks I’m a bit ‘hormonal’. He may be right. Yesterday my hormones got me into a right funny situation. We were listening to Radio 5 in bed and they were discussing IVF. Some guy (*insert naughty word here if you like) text in to say infertility was NOT a disease and IVF should not be available on the NHS and the live birth rate was too high as it was. Well, I saw red, went a bit mad and text the radio station my ‘opinion’ on this. They text back and asked me to be part of a phone in discussion. At this point, I panicked and said to my husband, “Oh no, what have I done?!” And so the long and short of it is I ended up on National Radio yesterday morning…thankfully I don’t think I came across as a hormonal crazy lady.

The healthy eating is still going well – I seem to remember this time last cycle I had caved to a whole load of junk eating. Have been to the gym once since injections started with my trainer and also been trying to keep moving generally by walking the dogs loads.

Have a lovely day today x x  



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