Day 1-4 IVF#2

Day 1-4 IVF#2


And so it begins.

Injection number one, two and three are under my belt (literally).  I’d forgotten how yakky Buserelin was. Last time I started taking it, I started feeling the effects pretty much straight away.  So I’ve no idea why I thought this time would be any different.  Except they were totally different effects to last time.  Last time, it was the horrible headaches that started pretty much instantly. It is totally weird how one person can have two completely different reactions to a drug at two different points in time…30 minutes after injecting (the injection itself went fine – it’s like riding a bike..) I started feeling stupidly nauseous.  This lasted from Thursday night, right till about Saturday morning.   It was that bad I literally want to put my fingers down my throat to make it go away so I’m glad it’s gone now.

I haven’t had a Buserelin headache yet (but there’s still time).  I have been drinking water like it’s going out of fashion though (at least 3L a day) because I remember the headaches from last time if I didn’t…!  I think I’ve been a bit more tired than usual too – last night I was asleep by half 9.

I think what’s different about this cycle is that I’m feeling really relaxed.  I went to see the doctor on Friday (and probably annoyed her with all my questions..) and asked her loads of stuff about my protocol, exercise, when to stop supplements (i.e Co Enzyme Q10), what to do if I get pregnant etc. etc.  It put my mind at ease and stopped me googling which is never a good move (but I think we all do it)! I’m kind of in the mindset right now ‘If it’s going to work, it’s going to work.’ And as much as I want to give this my EVERYTHING, at the same time, I also am not going to put my life completely on hold this cycle like I did last time.  Last time, I pretty much refused to plan anything or do anything due to being scared it would affect the outcome.

This weekend we had a bit of a silly party.  It was the three year anniversary of getting our rescue dog (we have no idea when his actual birthday is as he had no papers) last week and our other dog turned 5 on Friday.  We had a visiting dog for the weekend and we also invited some friends and their dog and bought a doggy birthday cake for the four of them (dogs not humans) to share:


I did nibbles for the humans and we had an hour of just being a bit silly really which was great.  The doggies loved it too!


And by Saturday afternoon, the nausea had gone and so I had an afternoon off the healthy eating and had a slice of pizza and some chocolate at the ‘party’ and really enjoyed it.  Back on the health today though! I made banana pancakes (gluten free!) which has set me up for the day.

Have a lovely Sunday x x


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