Pre IVF2 – three days to go!

Pre IVF2 – three days to go!


Three days till I start down regulation!  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been given my start date, been into the clinic for Teach and bloods etc. and had our drugs delivered and they’re all in the fridge chilling out. We’re all set!


They’ve made some changes to my protocol.  Last time I was on 0.25 Buserelin for 2 weeks – that’s completely stayed the same.  But they’ve changed the Gonal F (last time I started on 300 and they upped this to 375) to Menopur (450).  They’ve also upped the trigger shot – giving me two packets of the stuff rather than the one packet of Pregnyl I had last time.

Last time I got 8 eggs from 8 follicles but 5 were immature.  I am going in to see the doctor on Friday so I am going to ask questions about my protocol – I don’t want to change it – I trust what they are doing – but more ask why they’ve changed certain things and their reasons why for my own peace of mind. I also want to know if they’ll do anything differently this time if I get a positive pregnancy test…(e.g. aspirin, steroids, more scans – yes I am being slightly neurotic)  I’ve read stuff about Menopur being good for people with low egg reserves/with immature eggs upon collection but on the other hand, I’ve also read stuff about high doses of Menopur creating more eggs but of a lower quality.  I’m not going to get fixated on all the things I’ve read though – and just going to try to trust the process and that the doctors have actually done this before…

Other things I’ve been doing are eating really, really well.  I’ve cut out all processed food etc. and been following a Paleo diet. And I’ve been exercising like a crazy beast. I feel really good for the dietary changes and determined to keep it up during this cycle and not turn to my old friend ‘Cake’ when the hormones strike. I want to keep the exercise up as much as I can too.  Last time I stopped running 3 days before Buserelin started and I felt ‘yuk’ and the weight piled on during that cycle. But I’ve been doing a lot of strength/interval/circuit type training with a trainer since mid September and not that much running since my 10k.  I think some of what I’ve been doing may be unsuitable once I start stimming, just because last time I was so very uncomfortable once my ovaries started blowing up. But my trainer knows this is happening and will modify my training plan accordingly. We shall just see how long I can exercise before the ovaries start to get in the way of it all…What have other IVFers done about exercise during a cycle? Have you stopped completely, kept on as usual or modifed it in some way? I know not to run during stims and for a while after due to the risk of ovarian torsion but not sure about other forms of exercise – have read various opinions.

Have started on the water increase this week too – I’d forgotten how hard that was and how many toilet trips that involves until my body gets used to 3 litres a day. But now replacing my decaf coffees (which also can’t be a bad thing) with water, having hot water and lemon first thing and using my ‘IVF jug!’  during the day that holds a litre and a half (twice) with some yummy lemon added and just chugging it down.  I remember really wanting to drink water last time the Buserelin started and it not really being too much of a problem really.

Our First Wedding Anniversary falls during this cycle and although we may do something at the time, we decided to sort of celebrate early and have a ‘last naughty meal out before IVF’ with vino this weekend.  We had such a lovely time.  We went to Bem Brasil and ate so much meat it was unreal (sorry veggies…).  Then we had desserts (I’m not entirely sure where I found room for dessert  – but I ate every mouthful). And wine.  It was a lovely, fabulous night and I’m glad we marked the start of our cycle in this way by having a fun time together. It’s been a while since we’ve been on a proper date!

We didn’t take any photos of the main course, as we were just that busy eating and chatting etc.  But these were our yummy desserts…Hubby had cheesecake and I had chocolate fudge cake with icecream. Yum.


And how I’m feeling about this next cycle? I don’t really know to be honest.  I’m just getting on with it. I promised myself I wouldn’t get excited, but I am actually ever so slightly giddy with the possibility this cycle could make our baby. I’m also shockingly terrified of what could happen (negative cycle, another miscarriage).  But I’m just talking it out, taking one day at a time and just getting on with it.  We shall see how that approach works once the hormones are involved…

Have a nice day x x


17 thoughts on “Pre IVF2 – three days to go!

  1. I love this post – you sound so positive and prepared and you’ve been getting your body into the best shape possible to give yourself the greatest chance of success. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way too. Lots of love xx

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    1. What sort of side effects did you get on the Menopur? It’s worth a go – different things work differently on different people…thank you 🙂 x x


      1. Nothing drastic but for two days (Friday and Saturday just gone) I had a fuzzy feeling in my head/face/lips and swelling on feet. Didn’t stop me doing anything but no better result than gonal f. Switched back to gonal f and fuzziness went away.
        I’m a bit disappointed menopur was not my magic fix 😦
        Good luck for you. X


  2. Wow you sound so fit and healthy right now. I’m envious!!! I didn’t exercise during my stims as I just wasn’t into it. I was also a runner so couldn’t do that so didn’t bother to take up anything else. Then after the 3 failed cycles we got a recommendation from a friend not to exercise at all even in the prep phase. This was based on what their specialist had advised them and it was more because they’d had failed cycles in the past so they started wanting to exclude something that “may” impact some people but doesn’t usually impact most people if you get what I mean. So I feel fat and lazy as every as haven’t exercised vigorously since about May!!! Anyway there is no real research to back this up, it is just the “thing” for one particular specialist. He also says to exclude plastics. I am sure as long as you aren’t over strenuous then things will be fine. Here’s to a great cycle!

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    1. Thanks 😀 It gets so confusing when you start reading as there are so many conflicting thoughts and ideas. I read the plastics thing too and also about household cleaning products and shampoo/shower gel etc. This infertility lark is expensive…! I’m glad you’re taking it easy at the moment and not vigorously exercising in your condition 😉 I’m sure some gentle exercise won’t harm me and I have two hairy dogs to walk too and gentle walking is always good 🙂 x x


  3. Firstly wishing you huge amounts of good luck for your cycle. Before my current cycle I was doing a 3 times per week exercise regime of run / spin / insanity. I made the decision to do nothing once I started stimming. I really miss it and am feeling a little pudgy but to be honest I don’t feel like I have the energy for exercise. I certainly could not do an insanity class right now for any thing! I guess you know your body so adapt to how you’re feeling and no guilt / punishment if you’re not up to much. Having said that I also have been eating waaay better as I had a nasty shock when I got weighed and I think this is really positive for me this cycle. Sounds like you are really healthy anyway so you have a great basis for this cycle 🙂 Best wishes.

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    1. Thank you loads 🙂 I remember the feelings of exhaustion from Round 1 – and I’m thinking if the exercise doesn’t happen – I can at least try to be better food-wise this round. Will just see how it all pans out. I’m not surprised you’re not up to Insanity right now!!!! I’m certainly healthier than I was two months ago after a lot of eating and not much exercise during and immediately after Round 1!! Best of luck to you too x x x

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  4. great question to ask about the exercise. I am a week away from starting Lupron for my first FET cycle. My fresh cycle in August led to me to not exercising at all. I decided to needed to feel better after the failed cycle and I also started working with a trainer and doing interval training. I believe that if you feel better there has to be better results. I am not sure how I would approach stims if i were stimming this cycle and working out.

    I personally plan on continuing my currrent routine until embryo transfer and then laying low until I know the outcome of the cycle. Then I will take the recommendation from my RE at that point.

    I would say to do whatever feels right for you. (I know not very helpful)

    Good Luck with this cycle!

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    1. Thank you!! And all the best to you too for your FET. Exciting times 🙂 I’m just going to listen to my body I think and carry on during down regulation and see how I feel once the stimming starts x x

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  5. I was on menopur this last cycle too.. as well as Gonal F (a reduced dosage of gonal f compared to my first cycle), and it was precisely to get better quality eggs. I didn’t have any negative side effects, and I did end up with a better fertilisation rate (and therefore likely better quality eggs). Whether that was the menopur or other things that were different in this cycle (taking melatonin, ensuring my vitamin D level was sufficient etc..) I don’t know.

    Re: the exercise, both my acupuncturist and my clinic (which takes a very holistic approach) recommended not to do any exercise other than walking from Stimms, and really decrease anything else in the run up during down regulation. All that energy needed to go into my body to help everything do the best job possible, rather than being used for exercise. It did feel hard as I was so used to running etc.. but it all paid off in the end 🙂

    Wishing you lots of luck and keep up the great diet (7+ portions of fruit/veg a day) and make sure you get LOADS of protein during stimms.

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    1. So lovely to hear a Menopur success story 🙂 It’s always hard to put a finger on what has worked because I think each time so many things are different – plus it’s hard to say whether it was that cycle that was meant to work anyway!!! Thank you – I will definitely keep up the fruit/veg and lots of protein – only 11 days till stimming and planning a chicken/eggs/nuts fest already!! Lots of love x x


  6. I am a little late on this, but I wanted you to know that you will be on my mind throughout this cycle! You’ve worked so hard to get your body in fighting shape these last few months in preparation and I really admire how dedicated you have been! I don’t think I could ever cut out processed sugar, but you always make me feel like I should at least try. 🙂 I’ll be praying for wisdom for your doctors in the decisions they make and also for strength and peace for you & your husband. I know you have to be apprehensive right now, but you are so strong and have come so far already. I’ll be looking forward to the updates. Grow, follies, grow! xx

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    1. Thank you so much Ashley 🙂 Cutting out the sugar has been tricky but I feel heaps better for it (I am having the odd treat about once a week though – once a chocoholic – always a chocoholic…). I’m totally putting my trust in the doctors – but prayers for their wisdom are also appreciated! Feeling totally ready to take this on again. Thank you loads for your lovely comment x x


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