Nearly 11 weeks pregnant…(1st July 2015)

Nearly 11 weeks pregnant…(1st July 2015)

I wrote this one just before our holiday with the doggies where I was just feeling huge.  It was all starting to feel quite real and I was beginning to get excited and plan ahead.  I won’t make that mistake again…My anxiety about the 12 week scan had also started pretty much and I do wonder if I had a bit of a sixth sense/mother’s intuition that something wasn’t quite right.  Looking back, I enjoyed our holiday but something was nagging at me the entire time I was away.  And I’m just so glad we made it back before our worst nightmare happened.

Anyway, here is the post…

1st July 2015

and I’m feeling FAT! I am literally in a mood with practically everything in my wardrobe. My entire middle section seems to have ‘spread out’.  On an evening, it’s rock hard – then by morning it’s all flubbery wubbery. Am hoping it becomes more ‘bump-like’ soon as at the moment it looks like I’ve been eating too many pink doughnuts. Yesterday, to the amusement of Husband, I got changed 5 times, as I was trying to find something that I didn’t look like a beached whale in.  Stretchy jersey dresses are good right now, and thankfully I have a few of those 🙂

I do feel a bit like this:


Symptom-wise, I have been tired, nauseous at times, touch of insomnia – nothing too bad and worthy of complaining about. My hormones have been a bit shocking still and I am in danger of ripping someone’s head off at any given time. However, I’m really, really looking forward to the 12 week scan – but I am a little anxious about it.  Hopefully little jellybean baby is growing well and is all healthy and happy in the little home I’ve made for her/him.  I keep referring to The Baby as ‘Her’ but only because I refuse to call The Baby ‘it’. Plus I keep having vivid dreams about a baby girl. I would like a girl baby but I would be equally happy with a boy baby.  Husband would quite like a boy so he can do boy stuff like take him to the football and teach him to fish.  My reasons are slightly more shallow in that I like baby girl clothes as they are pretty but I’d quite like to do girlie things with a daughter as she grows up too. Either way, we’re totally happy with what God gives us (and one of us is going to be over the moon!!!!) We just want healthy and happy really.

Have quite recently, as well as looking at clothes to accommodate all this FAT, been looking at baby ‘stuff’. Oh my word. This is daunting. I think we may start with the ‘Travel System’ followed by nursery furniture and Moses Basket and stand etc.  Then there’s all the paraphernalia involved in feeding, even if breast feeding (which I hope to do) including pumps (electric or otherwise??) sterilizers, different teats to mimic the nipple?…I’m going to shut up now as I’m overwhelming myself even thinking about it…

We are going on holiday in 2 days, which is very exciting – especially as the weather has drastically improved! We are off to Cornwall for 7 days with our two dogs to stay in a cottage.  Probably the last holiday with just the 4 of us!  This holiday is just what we need at the moment – this year seems to have been just totally focussed on waiting for the IVF cycle, doing the IVF cycle, waiting for the results of the cycle and then just hoping and praying everyday that little baby sticks with us.  I’ve not relaxed yet (and probably won’t till the baby is born – and even then I’ll probably not relax..) but it will be good to turn 12 weeks pregnant whilst we are away and then come home and do the scan.

Enjoy the sunshine folks (although by the time I publish this, it may be rainy and miserable again!!!)


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