Post 2ww…

Post 2ww…

I’ve not blogged in a while as the 2ww (two week wait) is over and Husband and I have been taking some time out to process things.  I’m looking forward to blogging our journey again very soon.  I realise that stopping where I stopped, is like reading a book and finding that the last page has been ripped out (that has never happened to me as I always read the last page of a book first to check it’s worth reading – but I can imagine it’s annoying).

So, in the meantime, I read this article this morning in the Daily Mail.  I also heard it on the radio yesterday morning.  Although I hear its point, it also annoyed me slightly because:

a) Not everyone is in a position to try for children before they are 30.  Finances, career and mostly relationship status may make it impossible.

b) Does this help the people who are in their 30’s and struggling to conceive – erm – no, not really.  It just rubs their face in it a little…

But I get the point that they want to educate those people ‘who didn’t realise’ that their fertility may go down the tube after the age of 30.nhs

That is all I have to say, this cold, wet, rainy, yukky day in June.  I miss blogging and am hoping to be back really soon (although I am really, really enjoying reading everybody elses 🙂 ) x x


5 thoughts on “Post 2ww…

  1. Ha! I’ve heard the “waiting till you’re in your late 30s” thing for years. Since I was in my 20s. Since I was in a committed relationship. If you have fertility problems then the chances are that you’d have them whether you were 20 or 30 or 40. I have fertility issues – I’ve never been pregnant – and that’s not because I dossed around waiting for Mr Right. Also… Good luck finding someone who wants to impregnate you when you’re 20. Things like this make me cross!

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    1. Oh yeah, Kirstie! I like to think she means well but she’s so smug! It’s really not that easy. And bear in mind she had to get together with someone else’s ex husband to have her babies. (Not being judge but my point is that it’s not like there’s a surplus of eligible fertile men just waiting for the chance to impregnate us!)


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