A little pre-transfer post

A little pre-transfer post

5 day transfer (1)

Today is the day!!! The embryologist phoned and said our embryos are all at the early blastocyst stage and they are going to put two of them back this afternoon!! Exciting!!

They can not grade them yet, but by this afternoon when we get there, they should be able to tell us a little bit more about the quality of the embryos that they are putting back.

We have to arrive at dinnertime, check on what sort of timescale they are running to and then start on the water.  The procedure itself requires a full bladder and I hear it’s a little like a smear.  They use a catheter to plop the little embryos back in.  This is a very non-technical description but what’s important that they get in there and get all snuggly and warm and bed themselves in for 9 months!!

After the process, I’ve read all sorts of things about what you can and can’t do.  Dr Google can be a bit contradicting at times but the gist is I shouldn’t:

  • Have hot baths
  • Lift heavy stuff
  • Drink caffeine and alcohol (forgotten what coffee and wine is anyway)

and I should:

  • Eat warming foods – e.g. soup and stews.  No ‘cold’ food (Ben and Jerry’s is out of the equation – apple crumble and custard – perhaps IN the equation)
  • Walk lots to keep the blood flow to the ‘lower region’ (the dogs are going to LOVE me!!)
  • Laugh!! Apparently laughing helps the embryo to embed.  I can’t remember which website I read that on but I love that! Lots of funny movies it is then!!!

There’s probably lots more I should and shouldn’t do but I think I’m just going to try and fill the next couple of weeks with nice, gentle stuff and be kind to myself. We totally can’t wait to have the little embryos on board.  I just hope they are happy in there and want to stick around 🙂

* Yes I have noticed the terrible grammar in the photo above (it’s = it is. Its = belongs to it. Grrrrrrr)


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