A little post-transfer blog

A little post-transfer blog


We arrived at 12.30pm as instructed and went to the Waiting Room.  A nurse said she’d be with us in a bit, but they were running behind as they’d had a busy morning with the Egg Collections. After a bit, I asked the nurse when we should start on the water.  She said to take sips but stop if we started feeling a bit full in the bladder region as it was likely to be a while. So I did this, but not knowing how long we had to wait or what order we would be taken through I was cautious (now I know, overcautious).

After a while, we were called through to a corridor and the nurse talked us through the procedure and told us the order we would be going in.  I was first (yipppeee, as I was last on the list on egg collection day) so I was all “Yikes, I’d best down the rest of this water.”

Twenty minutes later we got called through.  I said to the nurse that I was worried as my bladder didn’t feel massively full. She said not to worry and that they would scan me and see how much they could see.

Anyhow, they scanned me, put the speculum in and fiddled around with the catheter.  I found out also that my uterus tilts backwards.  There’s a name for that but I don’t remember it. Anyway, after a bit of this and them asking if I was OK and me gritting my teeth and saying “Yes, I’m fine”, they decided to take the speculum out as they didn’t have a good enough picture on the TV screen to do the job properly.

Then they announced that they were going to fill my bladder right up by putting a catheter in through the urethra.  I was like, “You’re going to do WHAT??!” And then I cried. (I am such a wuss).  This hurt.  I did not like this happening one bit. It stung, it hurt and it felt weird.

Then I was reclamped with the speculum and they put the catheter back in.  Then they changed the catheter to a ‘rigid’ one (apparently this helped) and pushed it through the cervix. Then the embryos were passed through a hatch and me and Husband both said, “Hello Embryos!”  The nurses and doctor giggled a bit when we told them the embryos’ names and we watched on the screen as something was passed down the catheter (the embryos) and I shed another little tear.  I’m not sure if it was because it hurt or because the nurse was talking us through Ellie and Elvis being deposited into my endometrium.  There is sometimes a big white flash on the TV screen when the embryos come out of the tube – but as I am unable to do anything ‘normally’, we did not get one.  But this does not mean they didn’t go in. The embryologists on the other side of the hatch confirmed with a microscope that both embryos were no longer in the catheter and were definitely, definitely in my uterus which is good news!

As for Ernie (Embryo 3), they are keeping him in the lab for another day and if he’s of a freezable quality (which they will know after another day), he will be going in with the fish fingers and mint choc chip tomorrow evening (not really – I think they have a special ‘Embryo Freezer’). They are going to phone in the morning to let us know either way.

So, I’m now what they call in blogging and IVF forum world PUPO (Pregnant until Proven Otherwise) and we are beginning the 2ww (2 week wait). The only drugs I need to take now are progesterone – which I started shortly after egg collection – and this will continue, if the outcome is successful and we become pregnant, up to the 12 week mark.

A big thank you to our lovely friends who have been following our story so far, praying for us and keeping their fingers and toes firmly crossed.  Love you all to bits and have loved sharing it all with you. This blog may be a titchy bit on the quiet side for a few weeks though as I’m going to try not to ‘symptom spot’ during the 2ww and we’ll also need to get our heads round our pregnancy test result in a few week’s time.

Has also been lovely to follow the blogs of some fabulous ladies that are currently in similar shoes and will definitely keep on reading and hoping that they get the ‘positive’ result they deserve ❤ 🙂

Lots of love x x


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