It’s a dog’s life

It’s a dog’s life


So, it’s day 9 (how did that happen???) and I’m not going to blog today about how foul buserelin is (although it is) or list my new symptoms or write about my moodswings – as tempting as it is. I’m going to blog about one of my dogs.  Those people reading this who know me well, probably thought it was only a matter of time before I blogged about the animals anyhow.  Husband and I share our house with 2 dogs and 2 cats.  They are all truly, truly spoilt and we love them to bits. Anyhow, I took the dogs for a little walk this morning, which is brilliant therapy in itself – getting fresh air and a bit of exercise –  but just watching Dog 2 got me thinking. I love both dogs equally but Dog 1 is a dolly day-dreamer. She does most things in life in her own little sweet time (unless it involves food).  She sniffs every blade of grass in the park.  She takes plenty of time with everything (including knowing her own name) but Dog 2 is a totally different kettle of fish.  And it got me onto thinking of the lessons that I could learn from him.

1. Dog 2 approaches everything with the hugest amount of enthusiasm.  Everything, and I mean everything is an adventure to him.  He bounds around with this big grin on his face, tail wagging all over the place.  He’s bouncy, he’s waggy and he is just a pure joy to have around.  IVF should be more of an adventure and an opportunity to us – which is how I started off but somewhere, amongst all the rubbishness, I somehow lost that feeling.  Today, I’m starting to feel that excitement return.

2. Dog 2 talks a lot.  And I mean, a lot.  He barks when he’s excited, when he’s happy, when he’s scared and when the postman comes to our house bringing us bills (don’t blame him there).  Talking is good.  I’m learning that a lot this week and I think talking is going to get us through this.


3. Dog 2 also likes cuddles.  He’s quite open to cuddles from the cats and us humans – but does like his personal space from Dog 2.  He grumps at her when she gets too close and growls if she sits on him (she’s a clutz). He’s a bit like me at the moment.  Cuddles are good and Space is also good.  Wise advice, Dog 2.

Have a good weekend people x


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